You are currently viewing I have been named a 2023 Salesforce Marketing Champion!

I have been named a 2023 Salesforce Marketing Champion!

Hello everyone, today is a big milestone for me. I am thrilled to be named a 2023 Salesforce Marketing Champion. I am so excited and must share this news with everyone beaming face with smiling eyes

What makes a Marketing Champion?

Each Marketing Champion has expert knowledge in Salesforce Marketing Cloud products:

  • Engagement (or Marketing Cloud)
  • Personalization (formerly name Interaction Studio)
  • Account Engagement (formerly name Pardot)
  • Intelligence (formerly name Datorama)
  • Data Cloud (formerly name Customer Data Platform)

And with a wealth of knowledge, they take charge of their respective departments and make decisions to bring valuable strategic marketing insights to their organizations.

Moreover, they are willing to help others and to share their expertise with the community!

Class of 2023

Yesterday, Salesforce has announced the 2023 class of Marketing Champions. I am honored to be named a 2023 Marketing Champion and they accepted me to their champions program grinning face with smiling eyes 

I’m proud to be part of an elite community of marketers who share my passion and drive to push boundaries. Thank you, #SalesforceMarketingCloud, for this amazing honor!

(Video Source: Salesforce Marketing Cloud twitter)

Congratulations to my fellow #MarketingChampions! I can’t wait to get to know these Marketing Cloud experts! #MomentMarketer.

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